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tips & tricks

How to use cake pop molds:

  • Place cake ball into mold making sure to fill all edges.
  • Press, release, and remove molded cake pop.
  • If you experience sticking issues use corn starch to coat cake ball.
  • Cake pop molds have two parts and therefore have a cutting line. This line can be lessened by not overstuffing mold as well as using corn starch sprinkled on cake ball before molding. Wipe off excess dough from edges of mold and cake pop before removing from mold (a paint brush maybe helpful), remove cake pop and pat down any remaining edges before dipping.
  • If using a mold with an open bottom we suggest placing molded cake pop back into mold (after all edges have been pat down) and gently pushing dough from bottom of open mold back into mold to flatten any remaining edges.
  • Open mold and remove cake pop. This step should produce the most seamless cake pop possible.

What recipe is best for cake pops? 

  • Perfect cake pop dough is smooth, play dough consistency, moldable and neither dry nor sticky. Many cake recipes call for oil in their recipe and oil is a liquid and not a solid therefore it will always try to separate from your cake especially when it gets warm and it is for this reason that oily dough is harder to work with.
  • My magic tip is to substitute butter for oil. You can do a straight 1:1 swap, melt butter and use in place of oil. 

Why do my cake pops keep falling of their stick?

  • Usually, this problem has to do with the consistency of the dough you are using. Oily, too soft, or too dry dough won’t hold well and falls off the stick.
  • Candy melts can also be the culprit. When candy melts are too thick, they can push the cake pop off the stick. If you are using quality chocolate, however, this is a less common reason for cake pops falling off the stick. 
  • Dipping your stick in candy melts before inserting them into your cake pop is also very helpful. Allow the dipped stick to fully dry in the cake pop before dipping the whole cake pop into the candy melts. 

What are the best candy melts?

  • Our favorite brand of candy melts that we find to be consistently easy to work with is“Chocomaker’s Fountain Ready Candy Melts”. You will not need to add oil to these candy melts to thin out.
  • What I love about Chocomaker's Fountain ready candy melts is that they are easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Michaels craft store as well as Hobby Lobby and many others usually carry this brand and offer a weekly coupon for one item in their store.
  • Other brands of high quality chocolate that are also good for cake popping are Merckens and Guittard. These brands can be found in specialty cake pop supply stores or online. 
  • If you find your candy melts are too thick you can use Paramount Crystals or Crisco to thin out thick candy melts.

Coloring Candy Melts:

We recommend Colour Mill Oils for coloring candy melts. They come in 28 beautiful colors and a booster to intensify the color. (available on our website)

How do I get my candy melts to dry shiny?

After dipping if you place your cake pop in the refrigerator briefly to finish drying they tend to dry shinier in my experience.

Candy melts dry shiny when they are

Why do my cake pops crack?

  • In my experience, cold dough and warm candy melts don’t mix well. The closer you can get the two ingredients to a similar temperature, the better.
  • If you follow my tips on how to make great cake pop dough, you should end up with a dough that does not need to be chilled and can be dipped right away. 
  • Oily dough tends to crack more because the oil seeps out of the cake pop.

What is cake pop poop and what caused it?

  • Cake pop poop is oil that seeps from the cake pop and creates drips onto the cake pop or stick.
  • Oily dough is the cause for this.

Why do my sticks turn yellow?

Sticks turn yellow due to the oil from the cake pop dough seeping into the stick. Using a dough made with butter or sour cream will lessen this effect as butter is a solid and tends to not run as fast from the cake pop dough especially if cake pops are stored in cool conditions.


How do I chill my cake pop dough or store my cake pops?

  • I recommend wrapping cake pop dough in parchment paper and storing in an air tight container in the refrigerator for a couple of hours or over night before molding if you are having issues with your dough not keeping it's shape.
  • I also recommend storing cake pops in this manner as well.
  • I do not recommend freezing cake pop dough or cake pops.

Here are my top 5 quick tips to make the most out of your cake pop molds and save you time:

  1. The best recipe to use with the molds is one that is made with butter or sour cream. This will make your dough less sticky and easier to work with. 
  2. Do not over stuff the molds. If you have a kitchen scale, weigh the dough before putting it in the mold. Most molds take around 1 ounce of dough.
  3. You can use corn starch sprinkled on the cake ball before putting in the mold. If you are having a hard time getting a good shape this step really helps create a better and more defined result. 
  4. Clean off all seams before taking the cake pop out of the mold and pat down any remaining seams after the cake pop has been removed from the mold and before dipping for a smoother finish.
  5. Since the molds are 2 parts and they cut the excess dough off, there will always be a seam. With this in mind it is best to insert your stick into the seam line whenever possible. This will give you a perfect front and back.